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princessvaw's Journal

29 October
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credit to sadizumu (arashi_rating)

Aanhin pa ang damo,
kung kay SHO SAKURAI pa lang may tama na ko.

Say What?
[Sho Sakurai] is MINE!
Not yours. MINEEEEE.

Fairly recent Arashi fan (Nov 2009).
Was Jun-baited into the fandom through Kimi wa Petto. Hence my icon.
Currently, my ichiban is Sho-san!
Next is Aiba-san
And all the rest come in 3rd. I can't choose between any of them.

I don't know much about computers..so my journal is for my personal ramblings and stuff. Also do not have much free time... :(

Aaaaand. I have no talent whatsoever in doing any sort of art, so, I am unable to share anything, much as I want to.
Still learning Japanese with whatever little free time I have. Hence, have to rely on all translated shows/articles to get my Arashi fix. :)

Anyways, I...
Will always be grateful for all the kindhearted and talented people who sub, edit, etc the shows and articles.
Will be forever amazed at the artists who tirelessly make wonderful wallpapers, icons, etc and have the good heart to share them.

Thank you for all your efforts!!!