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have to go back to the gym....
kimi wa petto
Earlier this week, the gym attendant saw me walking around the sports club our family is a member of...
and he said (loudly) "YOU! it's been a long time you haven't been here"
me: (ooops) "yeah. kinda busy"
gym attendant: "come back to the gym or you'll grow fat!"

so, today, I did. For the 1st time in monthsssssss (with emphasis on the S's)

I'm soooooo out of shape, I knew it, but I was just too lazy or too busy to do anything. :(

I wanted to push my body to do more, but, I know that I must not stress it that hard.

Just brisk walked on the treadmill (running/jogging is high impact and predisposes to knee injury) for 20+ minutes. and used some of the machines.
I was perspiring after the first 5 minutes!!! BOO!!!!
was able to complete 1/2 miles though (so it says on the treadmill)

I want my muscles baaaack!!! I want my endurance baaack!!!

Used to have good endurance...now, it's gone.
I miss those days when the only thing that jiggles are my belly fats. :D

Now, I'm a jell-o. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but, I really hate it like this.

I miss being active. Soccer 3x a week, Basketball 3x a week and then swimming 1x a week + ballet 1x a week. That was during summer breaks. Otherwise, it was soccer 3x a week. It's pretty good exercise! :)

I'm going to get back in shape....better than I was before...I hope.

Target weight: 100-110 lbs (yeah, my (nutritionist) brother computed it for me. He says "you're 5'2" but your bone structure is "small". 100 lbs is good enough." I gave myself the 10 lbs allowance. haha.) 

can't say goodbye to chocolate though. *runs to hide*

Heat stroke
kimi wa petto
It's summer here...and today...

I opened the door leading to our wash area at the back of our house and found this...

maya bird
A dead bird. Known locally as the "Maya bird". I looked around for its scientific name.--> Passer montanus
It's a cute brown bird. When i was younger, our house help was able to catch some for us. I held it carefully in my hands. It has soft fur and is actually very gentle.
I have also enjoyed waking up to their chirping outside my window if I would get up at 6 AM.

And I found one dead.

I love animals.
I touched it and tried to look for a heartbeat. I wasn't sure if I could resuscitate it or even knew how to resuscitate a tiny animal, but, I would have tried if there was a heartbeat.
But, the bird was silent. It probably succumbed to the extreme heat our country is currently experiencing. A wild maya bird dead of heat stroke. :(

The bird was still soft to touch, indicating it's not more than a few hours since it joined its Creator.
I said a silent prayer for him and did this...

Prepared a basin with some shallow water. Hopefully, some other Maya birds will come down and drink from this water and be saved.

It's a Sho day!
kimi wa petto
Just a quick post before my day starts...

Happy birthday, Sho-chan!!!! :)

Hope you have many more birthdays to come!!!

photo not mine. credits go to original owner.

i missed my first ever radio program....of Arashi!
kimi wa petto

I waited all day...happily for 22:00 to arrive so I can listen to bayFM. and listen to Nino, right?



I FORGOT to convert it to Japan's time. Which is one hour advanced than the time in my country!

Yeah. Have to wait another week. :(

See you next week, Nino.

pictures are not mine. Got it from various places. Credits to the original owne